On the biggest days of our lives, we want photos to help us relive that day. We will tell our kids and grandkids about the day we got married; about the nerves, the excitement, the tears, the laughs, and the hugs. Photos tell the story of that day and help us relive it and helps others feel like they were there and they will be happy that you chose to preserve your memories for generations to come.

That’s my goal - to capture those memories and deliver a product that will endure generations. The feeling of flipping through an album and having your children gasp and say, “Dad had hair?” cannot be replaced by a dvd of images in a drawer. And you kids will look at a dvd like you look at a betamax tape. (“What is this and what do we do with it?”)

I highly recommend John. We had him take our engagement photos & capture our big day! He was available to meet with us to work out details before hand. He also did an amazing job with everything I threw at him last minute. Very pleased with how all the pictures turned out.
— Erin B.