Many of us do what we do because of our families. We work long hours to provide for the people closest to us. We bend over backward to squeeze in school programs and ball practices, dance recitals and homework to be with and support the people we love - the people we call family. For some its a biological connection, for others its by marriage or friendship but its family all the same.

Family. They drive us crazy sometimes. They make lots of noise, the make it impossible to keep the house clean, and they are constantly hungry. Sometimes they don’t smell too good and sometimes they can be a little embarrassing. But we love them - in ways we sometimes struggle to understand.

My goal is to photograph families just as they are! No perfect families, just families perfectly captured.

My family just did a photo shoot with John! We were crunched for time because the weather didn’t cooperate, it got really cloudy, but our pictures turned out beautiful!! They were very genuine! We had alot of fun, much different from your typical, posed, stuffy type of shoot. Highly recommended. He was also great with our kids and got my most stubborn boy to actually smile.
— Felicia M.